Vodatel Crossland Certificate Authority

Vodatel Crossland Certificate Authority (VC-CA) allows you to create certificate authority (CA) for managing PKI. VC-CA acts as a trusted third party that issues Digital Certificates. The main duty of VC-CA is to confirm and validate the identities and other attributes of the certificate subjects before issuing Digital Certificates. Hence digital Certificates issued by VC-CA act as passports in an electronic transaction, allowing the secure exchange of information on open networks such as Internet and intranets.

Features of VC-CA:

  1. The key pairs can be generated by the client or CA itself.
  2. Our CA root certificate will renew every year. Chances for key compromise can thus be minimized.
  3. With VC-CA, Registration Authority of CA can be as local as the office next door, whereas some CA require you to submit a lot of certified legal documents and send them overseas for validation and verification.
  4. VC-CA offers 24x7 friendly technical help source.
  5. VC-CA offers web based user interface. Users can access VC-CA anywhere via the Internet with only a few clicks.
  6. VC-CA offers web based administration interfaces. Administrators are not necessarily confined to console operations only. They can work any time, anywhere. Access will be controlled by client authentication using Digital Certificates.
  7. VC-CA issues international standard X.509 V3 certificates.
  8. In order to make full use of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled by VC-CA, we are proud to present VC-SIGN, a solution to Internet transaction using digital signatures. VC-SIGN makes possible to sign, seal and deliver web pages, forms and documents securely on line.

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