Software Products

Crossland Totalization System (CrossTos)

Crossland is a leading software developer of real time transaction processing systems.  

Crossland Totalization System (CrossTos) is a wagering system for gaming businesses. It can be used for horse racing, greyhound racing, chariot racing and lottery. CrossTos can accept cash bets, telephone bets and customer self input bets. CrossTos is designed to satisfy the requirements of high performance, reliability, portability and operability. It can easily be expanded to handle a higher volume of business throughput and include more bet types in the system. By adopting the concepts of Multilingual, Multimedia and Open Systems, CrossTos is equipped with the latest technologies that can satisfy the client’s business expansion.

Silent Partner

Silent Partner is a cost-effective Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) System developed by Sunflower Technology International Ltd, which is an associate company of Crossland Technology Group. Silent Partner has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of medium to large companies with multi-locations, multi-ledgers, multi-companies with complex inventories and e-commerce requirements. Together with the Vodatel Crossland Virtual Private Network VC-VPN Gateway, absolute data security is guaranteed for remote office connectivity.


vcShare is a automated multi channel stock trading system.

vcShare can provide a wide range of stock investment channels (namely, FAST, PC-FAST, Internet-PC, Set-Top Box and Mobile Phones) to the investors after the new AMS/3 Trading System is launched by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK).

New Economy Trading Platform Front Office Builder (Netp-Fob)

New Economy Trading Platform Front Office Builder (Netp-Fob) is a contemporary development platform created by Vodatel Crossland for online trading systems including business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C) and business to business to customer (BBC) applications. Netp-Fob provides a development environment that includes a number of software development tools and a powerful software library.

Vodatel Crossland Management System (VC-MS)

Vodatel Crossland Management System (VC-MS) is a seamless integration of network and system management modules developed by Vodatel Crossland. It is a total system for network provider and/or Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

VC-MS is designated to support a wide variety of networks such as IP network, ATM network and DDN network. It is highly scalable that it can be implemented in different network levels. VC-MS is capable of integrating devices from a wide range of vendors such as Juniper and Cisco.

Vodatel Crossland Public Key Infrastructure (VC-PKI)

To tackle the major security concerns in the cyber world, we need a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Vodatel Crossland Public Key Infrastructure (VC-PKI) is a total solution to our cyber security needs. The key component Vodatel Crossland Certificate Authority (VC-CA) issues X.509 digital certificates to both corporate users and individuals. Another major component Vodatel Crossland SIGNature (VC-SIGN) creates standard PCKS#7 digital signatures in accordance with PKCS#1. Together with traffic encryption facilities such as Vodatel Crossland Virtual Private Network VC-VPN, VC-PKI makes your cyber communication as safe as your home.


Hardware Products

In addition to software development, crossland has a strong product development team who can turn good ideas into products very efficiently. In the past three years, Crossland has successfully developed three data entry products for the gaming industry. These products are also designed to meet the requirements of software systems globalization.

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Transaction Entry Device (TED): TED is a special application palm top computer designed by Crossland. TED allows users to enter their transactions to the central systems through the Public Telephone Network System. TED has a graphical LCD display which is also supported by multilingual firmware based on UNICODE. It also has a touch screen that is suitable for finger input as well as pen-based input. TED is an ideal device for applications in banking, gaming, stock security etc.

Data Input Terminal (DIT):DIT is a Crossland designed product which can be used in operator data entry application. It is an economical solution for single purpose data entry application. DIT consists of a VGA display and a keyboard which can be customized for different applications. It also support multi-lingual applications. DIT is an ideal device for applications in banking, gaming, stock security, information center, telephone paging etc. DIT has been used as the Telebet terminal of HOBES. TBT.jpg (4826 bytes)

RPIT.jpg (8028 bytes) Read & Print Input Terminal (RPIT): RPIT is a reengineered product which can be used as a point of sale terminal. It is an economical solution for high speed data input application. RPIT consists of a fast speed Reader and Printer module, a VGA display, a LED display and a keyboard which can be customized for different applications. RPIT is an ideal device for gaming applications. Crossland is going to use RPIT as the Cashbet terminal of HOBES.

Fast Access Stock-broking Terminal (FAST): FAST is a hand-held device specially designed to allow investors to access stock market information and to buy or sell shares through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The FAST terminal supports both Chinese and English languages.

Vodatel Crossland Virtual Private Network (VC-VPN): VC-VPN Gateway is a robust and reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that provides the highest levels of security for both gateway-to-gateway and client-to-gateway VPN connections. All traffic through VC-VPN tunnels is encrypted using triple DES. VC-VPN Gateway uses the IP security (IPSec) protocol suite to provide virtual private networking over the Internet. It offers Authentication Header (AH), Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE). VC-VPN can operate in gateway-to-gateway and client-to-gateway modes with configurations such as tunnel mesh or tunnel hub.



Crossland is also the distributor of the following computer products in Australia.

XCARD: An AUTOCAD compatible drawing software

OSF/1 Unix: Unix Operating System on Intel

Magic Touch: High quality touch panel for PC and customized applications

ZyXel: High Quality communication equipment, e.g. Modems.

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