Macau New Technologies Incubator Centre (Manetic) : Chairman appointed

Macau New Technologies Incubator Centre (Manetic) is a full-service incubator for creating partnerships that turn innovative business and product ideas into sustainable businesses at a high speed.

Dr. Chuk Yau, CEO of the Crossland Technology Group, has been appointed as the chairman of Manetic.


Macau IT Congress'99 : Paper submitted

Dr. Chuk Yau has written a paper for the Computer Society Hong Kong.  It can be found under "Macau IT Congress '99"  in the following link :


The 26th Asian Racing Conference : Our Involvement

Dr. Chuk Yau and members of our e-commerce team went to Macau in January 1999 to attend the 26th Asian Racing Conference.  At the conference Dr. Yau presented two papers to the Racing Delegates, please feel free to read these papers:

The members of the e-commerce team demonstrated our new Interbet Betting System to the people attending the conference.  It was really good to get some feedback and ideas from interested people. 

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26th Asian Racing Conference

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