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Company Profile

Crossland Developments Pty. Ltd. was established by a group of IT computer elite in 1994. The company specialises in real time transaction processing systems, multilingual technologies, large-scale database systems, customised data input products, product management and systems re-engineering. It provides IT management and software development services to organisations in Australia. As Crossland professional service is in demand from overseas markets, it has strategically expanded the business and established four offices in Australia, Hong Kong, China and Macau to satisfy businesses with different needs.

Three companies support Crossland Developments Pty. Ltd. They are the marketing arms to promote Crossland Developments Pty Ltd.'s services around the world:

  • Crossland Technology (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Focuses on hardware and software systems development specialising in wagering systems.
  • Crossland Technology (Macau) Ltd. Promotes Crossland professional IT services in the Asia pacific Market.
  • Crossland Business Solution Ltd. A management consultancy company aims at tailor- making effective solutions to enhance management and operations of business.
Company Vision

We are a global company which helps our clients to sharpen the '3C's for present and future challenges.  The '3C's are:

  1. Customer Focus: to exceed our customer's expectations in order to be the market leader.
  2. Competitiveness:to manage cost and improve efficiency through better system management and higher quality staff.
  3. Change Management: to lead and understand change, both internally and externally in order to lead the competition.
Mission Statement

We will continue to make use of the advantages of our global presence to tailor-make services for our clients. Based on the concepts of multi-lingual, multi-media and knowledge representation, we focus on the research and development of hardware, software,  management systems and people development so that we can always provide leading-edge advice and business solutions for out clients.

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Professional Services

We provide our clients with:

  • Prompt response to all hardware and software problems.
  • Quality products and services with cost effective management.
  • Consultancy services that strive for the best best measurable results.
  • Strategic and tactical plans catered for niche clients and markets.
Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to build long-term relationship with our clients. We involve our clients in the whole consultancy and improvement process which is important for us to understand their needs.  Such a partnership also enables our clients to be equipped with the technology and skills to continue the improvement process in the future.

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