The Internet Betting System is a multi-media server which facilitates betting through the internet.  It consists of a Betting Module, Security Module, and a Video Server Module.  Through the Video Server Module, customers can access the videos of previous races stored in the video server.  Customers can also see the latest racing and betting information before and after they enter their bets.

Interbet Members Only Area

  • Internet Betting
  • Videos

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Members and Guests Area

  • Race Results
  • Weather
  • LIVE Radio

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A major part of security, all members passwords are encrypted before being passed through the internet.

Members accounts can then only be accessed with their password.

The videos of the races can be searched by race, by horse, by important events or can be seen LIVE!  This is available to members only but all users can listen to races LIVE through the radio section. video.jpg (5959 bytes)


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This Betting Menu displays links to the bet types, the member's account details, the form guide for the meeting choosen.  Bet Confirmations and a link to change the meeting.  Also available in the betting area are the odds for each race.

At the bottom of the screen there is a bar showing the local times at each of the meeting locations.  so where-ever you are betting from you will always know the time at the race track.

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InterBet screen samples

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