Silent Partner

Silent Partner is a cost-effective Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) System developed by Sunflower Technology International Ltd, which is an associate company of Crossland Technology Group.

Silent Partner has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of medium to large companies with multi-locations, multi-ledgers, multi-companies with complex inventories and e-commerce requirements. Together with the Vodatel Crossland Virtual Private Network VC-VPN Gateway, absolute data security is guaranteed for remote office connectivity.

General Feature
  1. Multi-companies
    • All data in separate companies is completely safe and separated. There is no limit to the number of companies supported on one server.
  2. Multi-ledgers
    • Silent Partner maintains as unlimited number of ledgers per company. Our general ledger design allows for real time consolidations of GL data from sub ledger to consolidation ledgers.
    • Users can have several forms open in different ledgers at the same time.
  3. Multi-currencies
    • True multi currency support in all modules. You can produce a price list from your stock file in as many currencies as you wish.
  4. Multi-languages
    • Currently, English and Chinese are supported, with more languages to follow soon.
  5. Multi-users
    • There is no theoretical limit to the number of concurrent users. Full data integrity and record level locking is supported.
  6. User-friendly graphical Interface
    • Silent Partner uses a common user interface that will be familiar to all Windows users. This is a complete implementation of a Graphical User Interface, not a façade over an old text based system.
  7. Customizable tree like menu
    • Powerful Program "Navigator" allows for easy location of required functions, and a simple to modify process for user access control.
  8. Short cuts for easy access to frequently used functions
    • Current technology "My Shortcuts" area for user customized functions.
  9. Online help
    • All modules incorporate detailed online help.
  10. Print Server
    • Silent Partner allows report jobs to be dedicated to one or more "Print Servers". This removes the task from the client PC, and allows for better system performance and administration.
  11. Report Batch
    • Powerful approach to "save" report options for a group of reports. These report batches can then be run at any time with a single mouse click.
  12. Integrated Internal e-mail
    • Silent Partner incorporates a power internal message system that allows users to pass actual work tasks between PCs e.g. "I can't locate this receipt, would you do it for me?" The actual receipt allocation form and data is attached and the receiver can simply complete the task and send it back to the original user.
  13. Flexible Reporting
    • All reports are viewable on screen, and can be kept indefinitely on the print server. Users may specify a "hold on server" date.
  14. Report Exporting
    • Reports can be exported to Excel, Lotus 123, MS Word and other formats.
  15. Data Backup
    • Data is backed up automatically with completely unattended bachups. This allows for a complete 7/24 system if required.
  16. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • By installing our optional VC-VPN Gateway, multi-national and distributed companies can remotely access the Silent Partner Server in a secure and flexible manner.

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