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TED is a special application palm-size personal digital assistant (PDA) designed by Crossland. TED allows users to enter their transactions to the central systems through the Public Telephone Network System. TED is an ideal device for applications in banking, gaming, stock security etc.

TED has a graphical LCD display which is also supported by a multilingual firmware based on UNICODE. It also has a touch screen that is suitable for finger input as well as pen-based input.

TED has been customised with a comprehensive betting software for horse racing. The betting software can easily be modified to include additional pool types for different betting requirements. The built-in modem allows betting transactions to be transmitted to and confirmed by the totalisation system in 15 seconds. The three AA batteries can support the TED operation for over 20 race meetings based on normal usage. The following is the highlight of some key functions.


1. Bet Entry and Review

  • Win, Place, Win-Place, Double, Quinella,
    Double-Quinella, Treble, Tierce, Double-Tierce, 6UP,
    All-Up-Win, All-Up-Place, All-Up-Quinella, Quinella-Place.

  • Review Input Bets

2. Enquire Bet Total

3. Recall Transactions

4. Racing Information

  • Win Odds
  • Quinella Odds
  • Result and Dividend
  • Current Field
  • Starters List
5. Transaction History

6. Telebet Balance

7. Telebet Withdrawal

8. Betting by Other Accounts

9. Privacy Control

10. Preference Setting
  • Language Selection
  • Sound Selection
  • Dialing Setting
  • Dialing Mode

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