Crossland Totalisation System (CrossTos)


Crossland Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd is a leading software developer of real time transaction processing systems. Crossland Totalisation System (CrossTos) is a wagering system for gaming businesses. It can be used for horse racing, greyhound racing, chariot racing and lottery. CrossTos can accept cash bets, telephone bets and customer self-input bets. CrossTos is designed to satisfy the reuirements of high performance, reliability, protability and operability. It can easily be expended to handle a higher volume of business throughput and include more bet types in the system. By adopting the concepts of Multilingual, Multimedia and Open Systems, CrossTos is equipped with the latest technologies that can satisfy the clients' global business expansion.

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Systems Architecture

While CrossTos is developed on HP UX Unix, it can be plotted to other Unix platforms such as Digital Unix, AIX of IBM and Solaris with a minimum effort. CrossTos consists of nine major modules. The critical modules are being clustered together for the high-availability purpose. CrossTos also comes with practical operational procedures for efficient recovery in any disastrous situation. The following is the brief description of the major modules.

Totalisation System (TOS):
TOS is a main software system which interfaces with the TES and CAS. It consolidates all investments from telebet, cashbet and come betting channels and converts all other currencies into the principal one. It is responsible for dividend calculation. TOS also distributes raceday control information TES and CAS. It also supports the overall investment reporting for administraiton and accounting purposes. tos.jpg (4275 bytes)

Telebet System (TES):
telebet.jpg (4748 bytes) TES is an on-line betting system which supports telephone betting and customer betting through TED. For the telephone betting, it supports the Telebet Terminals (TBT) to perform normal betting functions. Through the Telebet Administration Terminals (TAT), it provides staff and customer account administration, telebet operations control and reporting facilities.




Cashbet System (CAS):
CAS is an on-line betting system which suports all Cashbet Terminals (CBT) located in both the off-course and on-course centres. Off-course betting centres are connected to the Computer Centre via a network of dedicated telephone lines and modems while the on-course betting booths via another network of communication lines and level converters. It provides the normal betting functions, cash control, raceday contol, off-course centre balancing, telebet deposit and performance reporting facilities. cashbet.jpg (4849 bytes)

Racing and Betting Information System (RBIS):
The RBIS solicits racing and betting information from different sources, such as Racing Department and TOS. Customers can get direct access to the racing and betting information via the TED. RBIS supplies information to DICS on a redetermined basis. RBIS is also the corporate database which suports racing and administration applications.

Display Control System (DICS):
DICS is a computer system which controls all display equipment, such as Diamond Vision System, Indicator Boards and CCTV. It is also used as a gateway to supply racing information to external organisations.

Banking Arrangement System (BAS):
Once the Telebet operators has performed account arrangement for customers, TES would transfer all account information BAS for banking arrangement. There are different gateways for establishing electronic fund transfer.

Race Control and Operations System (RCOS):
RCOS is a computer system which allows systems operators to perform race day control. It also controls all equipment in the systems operations room. It displays the systems failure and euqipment provlems, so that systems operation will be able to inform maintenance staff to fix the problems.

Remote Betting System (RBS):
RBS is a group of computer systems which supports home betting through Transaction Entry Device (TED). It can be regarded as an automatic telebet system which allows customers to enter bets and receive racing and betting information through public switch telephone network. The RBS consists of Communication Processors, Front Ends and Security Module. Since it is one kind of account betting, RBS is attached to the TES environment.

Internet Betting Server (IBS):
IBS is a multimedia server which facilitates Internet betting. The Ibs consists of a Betting Module, Security Module and Video Server Moodule. Through the Video Server Module, customers can view the videos of previous races stored in the Video Server. Customers can also download the latest racing and betting information before and after they entered their bets.


CrossTos has been designed to be scalable for different sizes of business operation. It can be scaled down to an economical configuration which supports small racing operations. By increasing the hardware capacity, CrossTos can meet the following capacity requirements without major change to the software systems.

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